This Flip Lid Jar Is Ideal For Storing Any Of The Foods You’ve Made With Your New Pickling Hobby

Here at Delish, we aren’t shy about our love for pickles. We’ll put them in pretty much anything from hummus to mozzarella sticks to nachos. Sometimes, though, you want to go back to your roots and eat them straight out of the jar, and in such a case, Walmart has the perfect jar to store them in.

2 Flip Lid Jars Pickle Jar
This Flip Lid Jar is is designed specifically to keep marinated foods fresh while still keeping them easy to serve when needed. For example, items like pickles, olives, or jalapeños that typically come in jars submerged in their pickling liquids would be great to store in this jar. If you’ve gotten in on the big pickling trend of 2020, you can use your homemade items with this gadget as well.
Essentially what the jar does is offer two compartments, one for when you have your pickles sitting in the fridge and the other for when you want to snack on them. Think of it like an hourglass that will keep items submerged in their juices but can be turned upside down so the liquid collects on the bottom and your pickled onions, jalapeños, or whatever else you have in there is exposed and easier to pick up then fishing in a jar. This also means it’s easy to separate the juice, so, um, who’s down for pickleback shots?
The lids are totally air-tight so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spoiling your food before you get the chance to eat it. Right now, the Flip Jar is on sale for $27.40 as a set of two and can be purchased through the Walmart website.

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