This Coveted Wine Tool Is at the Lowest Price We've Ever Seen It

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We're all having smaller holiday gatherings than usual this year, with petite roasts, more curated sides, and perhaps a few more outdoor space heaters. While we'd like to think we can drink just as much wine (we will certainly try), sometimes that special bottle deserves to live a little longer. That's where the Coravin comes in, and lucky for us the brand just slashed the price of its latest wine preservation tool.

The Coravin Model Six was just released in the limited edition "mica" color last week, and now the tool is a full 50% off for a limited time. Usually, the tool runs at $400 but right now it's just under $200 at Amazon and at Williams-Sonoma. The Coravin comes in black, burgundy, silver, and red, but the mica hue is a brand new shade perfect for gifting during the holiday season.

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For those unfamiliar with the brand: the Coravin uses precise technology to pierce the cork and pour a glass from a sealed bottle while protecting the remaining wine from oxidation. After pouring the needle easily pops out, allowing the cork to naturally reseal itself. You can enjoy a glass one week, and another glass weeks or even months later without worrying about the state of the bottle.

The Coravin pack comes with three Coravin pure capsules (the argon gas needed for preventing oxidation), two Coravin screw caps, and a carrying case. At a full 50% off, this is the best price we've seen for the tool that both wine professionals and wine enthusiasts love.

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To buy: Coravin Model Six, $200;

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