These Special-Edition Lucky Charms Will Turn Your Milk Green

It’s officially February which means your Valentine’s Day plans are probably set in stone. That also means St. Patrick’s Day is right on the horizon so it’s time to get a head start on thinking about how you’ll celebrate at home. Drinking Irish whiskeys and wearing green is a given, but allow me to help you out with your breakfast plans: limited-edition Lucky Charms that turn your milk green.
Lucky Charms are always an appropriate breakfast option if you ask me. The crunchy pieces mixed with the sweet marshmallow pieces make for the perfect bite in every spoonful and the shapes are totally festive for St. Patrick’s Day. Since General Mills is always coming up with new ways to make breakfast fun, the company released a limited-edition line of Lucky Charms with a special surprise. Along with the typical marshmallow shapes, this special edition includes green magic clovers that change the milk’s color.
This may sound strange, but let me remind you that we live in a world where pink mac & cheese and purple ketchup have existed so is anything really off limits these days? The short answer is no. We love chaos! You also probably go for a second bowl when enjoying any type of cereal, so with this special green milk you can make your subsequent serving look festive right after you pour it in. It’s the little things that bring us happiness nowadays and if green milk brings you any sort of delight, who am I to tell you it’s wrong? You do you, dear reader.

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