These Containers Stack So You Can Carry an Entire Meal in One Hand

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Few things are more important to fostering a sense of community than food. It not only sustains and nourishes us, but it also bridges our differences with shared ingredients, techniques, and flavors. But when Johny Delvar and Chris Mundy looked at sharing food within their own south Florida communities, they felt there was room for improvement.

"In the Caribbean culture, food is everything," said Mundy, whose family comes from Jamaica. "It's a form of expression. The way we cook tells a story of your culture or island you're from. We try to have others better understand our culture through [sharing] food. People are always transporting food around."

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Mundy and Delvar, who's of Haitian descent, wanted a better tool for serving and storing these meals than the flimsy plates and foam containers that were frequently used. So they created the Lock It Plates.

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To buy: Lock It Plates 2-piece set, $12;

Designed to securely hold a whole meal in one hand, Lock It Plates feature patented twist-and-lock lids, built-in cup holders, and a stackable construction to keep foods from spilling in transport. Plus, they're incredibly durable. The containers can withstand tumbles from up to 5 feet high and are safe to use in the microwave and freezer. You can even toss them in the top rack of your dishwasher for no-fuss cleanup.

While Mundy said Lock It Plates were originally meant to replace disposable containers used for cafeterias, dining halls, and parties, home cooks have found new reasons to love them in our socially distant times. Users say they're excellent tools for meal prep, since each container holds 5 pounds of food, and love how the lids function as a splatter guard in the microwave. And because the lids and containers are the same size, they nest for streamlined storage.

"The feedback has been amazing," Mundy said. "One lady commented that the product has been great for her kids. She meal preps with it and said it saves a lot of space in her fridge, as well as time since she's a busy working mom."

But even as we stay at home, Lock It Plates are still helping people share food. One user emailed Mundy and Delvar about how it was the only way to feed her son while quarantined: "We wanted to leave his dinner out on a table near his room, but couldn't figure out how to keep the cat from getting into it. Your plates were the perfect solution! Not only could I leave food out for him without worrying, but when he finished, he covered his leftovers and I can stick them in the fridge and keep them separate from everyone else."

A set of two Lock It Plates costs $12, and a 3-piece set costs $17—order yours on Amazon.

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