The Planters NUTmobile Is Looking For New Drivers, So It’s Time To Spruce Up Those Resumes

If you’ve ever dreamt of hitting the road in your own NUTmobile, then you might be in luck. Planters, the iconic snack brand known for giving you peanuts, Cheez Balls, and more, is looking to hire a few avid peanut lovers to drive around in their iconic NUTmobiles for a full year. Sound like the type of party you’d be interested in? Then keep reading because you’ll want to know the deets on applying.
Aptly naming their drivers “Peanutters,” Planters is on the hunt for nine recent college grads who are eager to spend the next 365 days donning the blue and gold team colors and who don’t mind talking about Mr. Peanut, Baby Nut, and all things that fall under the beloved brand. But what does that exactly entail of?
Well, it would give you an opportunity to travel across the country and appear on “nationally televised parades and professional sporting events” as well as pop by local events and grocery store grand openings. So basically, it’ll be the ride of your life if you get the job.
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Don’t think you’ll be able to automatically jump behind the wheel of the almost 12 foot tall, 13,000 pound legume if you make the team though. Chosen “Peanutters” will have to start their year with a training session at Peanut Prep to know all about Planters history and products. But honestly, that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a real fan or have a true appetite for adventure.
If this sounds like the type of job you’d want to brag about having, all you need to do is have a Bachelor’s degree, valid driver’s license, and the desire and ability to spend the year on the road staying in hotels or short-term corporate housing, according the KraftHeinz application. And, you’ll need to apply no later than February 19 to be considered.
So while you won’t technically get to call this NUTmobile your own, you will be able to kind of call it home for a full year if you get the job. If this doesn’t sound like the type of nutty profession you’re going for, KraftHeinz is also looking for Weinermobile drivers, too. If you ask me though, either one is kind of a dream job.
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