Smartfood Has A New Flavor Of Popcorn That Includes Cheddar And Caramel Pieces Mixed Into One Bag

Smartfood has released a couple new flavors of popcorn for the season with the snickerdoodle popcorn being the most extraordinary. It is classic popcorn covered in a snickerdoodle cinnamon and sugar dust, but the caramel and cheddar mix is a tamer option that still packs a punch. Sweet and savory are a common combination that needs to be done well, so mixing the cheesy popcorn bits with the sweet and rich caramel corn is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while still giving you so oomph.
@Foodiewiththebeasts found the new Smartfood snacks at their local ShopRite and while the snickerdoodle popcorn is clearly labeled as a “limited holiday flavor,” the cheesy caramel mix is in festive packaging without a limited-edition label. This could mean that we’ll be able to get sweet and cheesy all year round, so that’s a total plus.
This new flavor combo reminds me of those artisan popcorn tins you can often find around the holidays, so knowing you can find a bag to pick up easily at the grocery store is great news. Which one are you reaching for first—all sweet or a mix with savory too? I’m going for the combo.

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