Reese's Is Releasing 3-Cup Packs for March Madness

Though the signature Reese’s blend of peanut butter and chocolate is available in forms ranging from cereal to “pieces,” the platonic ideal remains the package of two peanut butter cups. The magic number of two cups per package seems to be one we’ve all accepted without so much as a second thought. But judging by a new promotion, it sounds like Reese’s may have been holding out on us this whole time.

To celebrate March Madness, Reese’s has decided to drop a limited edition three-pack of its classic peanut butter cups. Why? Because the Hershey’s candy is trying to hype up the four schools whose men’s basketball teams qualified for the Big Dance as three seeds. Believe it or not, 3-seeds apparently only have a 3 percent chance of winning the tournament despite their relatively high position in the bracket.

To provide those teams and their fans moral support, Reese’s says it wants to turn “the dreaded 3-seed position into a coveted spot” according to USA Today. They’ve given away 70,000 limited edition three-cupped packs (for a total of 21,000 cups) to students at Purdue, LSU, Houston, and Texas Tech ahead of the first round of games. Both LSU and Purdue won their games on the first day of the tournament, so you can’t say it’s not working.

Luckily, you don’t have to have any three seeds winning your bracket in order to get your hands on 50 percent more Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups than you’re used to. One can enter for the chance to win their very own box of 40 three-packs, which is similar to but somehow very different from winning 60 standard two-packs. You just have to text REESES to 60433, enter a code online, and hope for the best.

It might seem silly to fixate so much on having an extra Reese’s cup, but there’s probably no feeling quite like finishing one and realizing that you have a whole normal amount of Reese’s still to come. That’s the sort of magic that the NCAA Tournament is all about.

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