Reese’s Holiday Lights Are Back In Stores So You Can Eat Them While You Decorate Your Tree

So far they’ve been spotted at Albertsons, but it looks like they’re available at all sorts of other spots including online at Amazon too.
If for some reason lights are not your jam, the great news is there are all sorts of other festive shapes stuffed full of peanut butter and chocolate that you can snack on this season. Some of our go-tos include Reese’s Nutcrackers, which are bite-sized, as well as Reese’s Mystery Shapes, which truly could look like anything! If you’re not a milk chocolate fan, then this Reese’s White Creme Elephant is perfect for you. And if none of that sounds good to you? Well, you must certainly be the Grinch. Be sure to say hi to Max for me!!

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