Pringles Released a Limited Edition Cajun Fries Flavor and We Can't Wait to Try It


Despite only really being native to one (maybe two) states in the country, Cajun cuisine packs some of the boldest and most unique flavors you’ll find anywhere in the country. And whether you’re at a crawfish boil, eating fries, or dining pretty much anything besides a beignet, you’re going to encounter a special blend of spicy, salty, delicious cajun seasoning.

Though a trip to Louisiana might be unrealistic for many of us right now, the good news is that Pringles will now provide the chance to get a taste of some good ol’ cajun cooking that you can carry around in their signature cylindrical can. Spotted by @JunkFoodAdventures, they’re specifically branded as Cajun Fries-flavored Pringles, worth purchasing if only for the fact that the can depicts a Pringle playing a saxophone.

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Based on a potent mixture of onion, garlic, red pepper, black pepper, oregano and thyme, these Pringles serve as the perfect vessel for the spices and tastes that define Louisiana’s signature style of cooking. It’s unclear how the “fries” aspect comes into play, other than the fact that Pringles are another crunchy form of potato, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that these look spicily delicious.

A limited edition flavor, evidence suggests these can be found at Price Chopper outlets, most of which are pretty far from Louisiana. Presumably they’ll be available more widely than that before they disappear. Wherever you find them, please just don’t use eating these as an excuse to talk about gators and gumbo in a ridiculous Cajun accent. 

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