Pillsbury Makes Limited-Edition Hot Cocoa Rolls With Marshmallow Icing

Pillsbury’s dough should always be on your grocery list (if it isn’t already). The pre-made crescent roll or biscuit dough is a great hack for making treats at home—just ask Ayesha Curry!—but the brand’s other items, like the new hot cocoa rolls, are already made and simply require baking to be ready to eat.
Although the colder seasons probably get you thinking about PSLs and peppermint mochas, be sure to not let a simple and classic mug of hot cocoa fall to the wayside. It’s a rich treat as a beverage but these days there are so many other breakfasts, desserts, and baked goods that take inspiration from at, like these hot cocoa rolls, for one.

Pillsbury Grands! Hot Cocoa Rolls with Marshmallow Icing 5 Count
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are already such a fan-favorite at the grocery store because they require practically no effort. Honestly, the hardest part is probably just getting them out of the can without jumping when you hear the pop. Plus, these rolls are Pillsbury Grands! meaning they’re larger and that each can comes with five rolls total.
The flavor of the dough is hot cocoa, and instead of the typical icing, these come with a marshmallow drizzle to put on top that really complements that cocoa flavor. Cans go for about $3.89 and will be at mainstream grocery stores through December 2020. You can eat these for breakfast, dessert, or as a midday snack to help you get in the festive mood—just pair it with a mug of Swiss Miss or a hot cocoa bomb and you’re set.

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