PETA Demands That Just Born Make Vegan Peeps Because “The World Is In Turmoil”

Candy maker Just Born recently hit us with the devastating news that there will be no Halloween or Holiday Peeps in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Die-hard fans were devastated, but hey, safety first!
Peeps, as it turns out, can’t seem to catch a break. The brand’s production is under fire again this week, albeit for an entirely different reason. Actor James Cromwell sent a letter to the CEO of Just Born demanding that the recipe for Peeps go vegan, because “the world is in turmoil.” ICYMI: One key ingredient in peeps is gelatin, which can be obtained from pork skin and bones.
“We use pork derived gelatin in our Peeps marshmallow to achieve a light, soft texture,” Peeps explains on its website: “Gelatin allows us to incorporate small finely divided bubbles allowing you to bite through the marshmallow cleanly with a creamy mouth feel.”
The activist letter, which was also penned on behalf of the animal rights organization PETA, was obtained by Fox News.
“Demand for vegan food is at an all-time high, and it would be easy to replace gelatin in Peeps with a vegan ingredient such as Geltor’s vegan gelatin when full production resumes,” Cromwell writes. “Making this switch would broaden your product’s appeal, opening up a whole new market while losing none of its taste.”
Just Born also makes Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales candies. The brand, which resumed limited production in May, previously told Delish that it plans to focus on meeting “the expected overwhelming demand for Peeps next Easter season.”
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