Over 8,000 Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With This $10 Kitchen Scale

We all know that the key to healthy eating is moderation. But between parsing nutrition labels and combing through USDA guidelines (especially when hungry!), decoding the right serving size can be downright confusing. And if you’re eyeballing how much you should eat, you might be surprised at how much you under- (or over-) estimate it.

Which is why we’re big fans of the humble kitchen scale. It’s a smart tool that helps you measure everything accurately, making a big difference in your cooking and calorie count. And for a scale that’s worth its weight in gold, check out the Amazon cult favorite, the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale—now on sale for just $10.

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Buy it: $10 (was $19), amazon.com

Designed in easy-to-clean stainless steel, it’s made to measure all your ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters, and also has a separate mode for weighing milk volume and water volume. It also features a clear white backlit LCD display complete with a low battery indicator (although worry not, two AAA batteries are included).

Shoppers love the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale for its accuracy, with nearly 8,000 customers giving it a perfect five-star review.

“This is my second digital kitchen scale, and what a difference a few years make!” raves one reviewer. “My old scale was about the same dainty size, but had to be turned over, a button pressed, turned back to right-side-up check to see if the unit of measure had changed. OK it worked… some of the time. This scale by Etekcity is easy to use, easy to turn on, easy to shift unit of measure, easy to Tare so I can weigh multiple ingredients into one container. I've only had it a month, but use it multiple times daily.”

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“The reason you want this is its overall attention to the small details,” adds another happy shopper. “It's super thin; I literally just stick it in my kitchen drawer on top of the Ziplock bags and it fits unassumingly right in there. It's got a uniform, stainless steel surface, which just makes it look and feel good plus minimizes the effort put into cleaning it. Backlit display is nice. Auto-off feature is essential; if your hands are dirty and occupied when cooking, it sucks having to hit a button to save battery—just leave this one be and it goes back to sleep like a good little scale. And finally, it does the standard gram/pound/ounce but also measures in milliliters, which I haven't used but can see coming in very useful. Great scale. This is the only one you need.”

Who knows how long this sale will last—so don’t weight, er, wait. Add this useful kitchen scale to your cart ASAP.

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