Mint M&M’s Cookie Sandwiches Are Here, So It’s Time To Grab A Box Now

Though the first quarter of 2021 isn’t even complete, the M&M’s brand is giving fans enough exciting news to last a lifetime. After announcing the opening of their new M&M’s store at Disney Springs, the release of the Peanut M&M’s Candy Pop variety, and their White Chocolate Cheesecake candy flavor over the last two months, the beloved purveyor of chocolate is back with a show stopping drop that’s guaranteed to excite your tastebuds—new Mint M&M’s Cookie Sandwiches!
Taking to their account on Friday, February 26, Instagrammer @canydhunting revealed a photo holding two of the mint green colored boxes. “New Mint M&M’s Cookie Sandwiches are out now!” the caption excitedly shared. Each box, which showcases the green M&M holding a bundle of mint alongside the actual cookie sandwich on the front, comes with four sandwiches made with mint-flavored reduced fat ice cream, chocolate cookies, and an assortment of Mini M&M’s. YUM!
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Commenters even expressed their excitement about the new find, too. “I neeeeed these!!!” said one, while another was even willing to go against their own tastebuds saying “Not into mint choc but I’d try these 😻🔥.” If you’re worried about not being able to find them at your local grocery store or just not sure if they’ll please your palate, another commenter let everyone know that there’s a special place to get them for cheap: the Dollar Tree. “Saw individuals at my Dollar Tree!!” the comment read.
So whether you want to grab a pack for the house or just want to grab one on the go, these Mint M&M’s Cookie Sandwiches are here to give you the treat you probably didn’t know you needed. And, as the weather warms up, what better time than now to enjoy them?
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