Milk Bar Baked Goods Are Headed to Target


If you had a (pre-pandemic) birthday and you weren’t given a cake or something else from mind-blowing bakery Milk Bar, then you truly have not lived. Of course, the issue might’ve been that you live nowhere near Milk Bar’s brick and mortar locations in New York, LA, Boston, D.C., Las Vegas, and Toronto, in which case your friends and family could be forgiven for dropping the ball. 

Soon enough, however, your geographical location will no longer be an excuse for missing out on the divine baking creations of award-winning chef Christina Tosi. Why? Because Milk Bar’s baked goodies are about to line the shelves of your local Target.

That’s right: inspired by a successful trial run at Whole Foods, Milk Bar’s creations are set to elevate the food offerings at the big ol’ bullseye. Specifically, you’ll find the bakery brand’s iconic Truffle Crumb Cakes in the refrigerated section, available in Birthday, Chocolate Birthday, and Chocolate Chip flavors with the same blend of crunchy exterior and fudgy interior you may already know in love. On top of that, Milk Bar’s delicious cookies will be sold in Confetti, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, and Compost (which “takes all the snacks in the pantry and turns them into chewy, munchie gold”) flavors.

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While the appearance of Milk Bar treats at Target should be regarded as most welcome news, it’s worth pointing out that these shelf-stable products won’t be identical to what you’d find if you walked into a real Milk Bar location. Described by Milk Bar as “the next best thing” to what you’d find in their stores, the cookies are a bit “smaller, chewier, and packed in a convenient 2-pack for anytime snacking,” according to an announcement on their website.

In addition to Whole Foods and Target, Milk Bar says it’s also making some of these goodies available at local retailers this fall in case you’d prefer to shop small. And speaking of Small Business Saturday, the Target announcement also teased the arrival of “exclusive holiday cookie tins and new flavors”, which should be showing up in November. 

So if you’ve somehow missed out on the joy that Milk Bar provides, accessing their cookies and Truffle Crumb Cakes just got a whole lot easier. I mean, if you were already headed to Target anyway, there’s no harm in stocking up. 

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