Looks Like We’re Getting Another Mountain Dew Mystery Flavor Ahead Of Halloween

Here’s what we know so far about the product: It’s called VooDew2, which…yeah, OK, that checks out. We know it’s a different flavor than last year’s soda, so it’s not candy corn-flavored, nor is it likely to be Skittles-y. And, while the Instagram account debuted pics of the bottle, we still don’t know when exactly the new drink will hit shelves. @CandyHunting’s guess, though? “I’m betting on it being next month.
Redditors are speculating that the colors on the bottle may mean there’s a sour twist on the flavor. Others think the green and red theme means it’s likely to be a caramel apple, green apple, or candy apple flavor, all of which make sense given that this is a limited-edition Halloween-themed beverage. Even more people think it’ll taste like rainbow sherbet, though they haven’t exactly specified why that might be.
To recap: We…don’t know much. But we’ll be able to get our hands on the stuff soon enough and at that point, we’ll know more? So helpful, I know. You’re welcome!!

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