Kahlúa Is Now Selling Canned Espresso Martinis

Things are getting weird in the alcohol world lately. Just in the last week: Natty Light has released a strawberry-lemonade flavor that actually sounds pretty good, people in Colorado are drinking beer made out of bull testicles, and one brewery decided to throw in the towel and started making Lucky Charms-flavored beer.

But Kahlúa, the number one coffee liqueur in the U.S., just upped the ante by 110 percent and released an espresso-style martini in a can.

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The beverage is the “perfect blend of Kahlúa, coffee and Vodka, complete with the signature creamy foam reminiscent of a just-made Espresso Martini cocktail,” according to a press release.

How does it stay fresh and ready-to-pour? Well, apparently, the can is fitted with a “smart nitrogen widget” which forces bubbles to the surface when the can is opened.

The good (and maybe a little bit strange) people at Kahlúa released an ASMR video to illustrate just how satisfying it is to pour this thing:


“The launch of the Kahlúa Espresso Martini RTD and our ASMR-tini campaign celebrates a really exciting time for the brand,” said Troy Gorczyca, Kahlúa Brand Director. “As consumers continue to ask for high quality cocktails with added convenience, our take on the Espresso Martini offers an innovative and simple way to enjoy one of our favorite classic cocktails. Plus, it delivers consistent flavor and quality every time you pop and pour.”

The canned martini is launching this spring, and will be sold in packs of four.

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