I Hated Reusable Straws Until I Found These Genius Metal-Silicone Hybrids

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Over the past couple of years, I've tried nearly every type of reusable straw—glass, metal, silicone, bamboo, you name it. But no matter how much I wanted to be eco-friendly and enjoy drinking from them, I could never get used to the weird taste they left in my mouth or how they seemed impossible to clean afterward. So when I discovered a reusable straw that promised to be extra durable and leave no aftertaste, I knew it had the potential to change my mind.

With a stainless steel body and a silicone mouthpiece, Klean Kanteen's hybrid reusable straws are perfect for hot or iced coffee, fruit smoothies, and more. They have all of the best features of metal and silicone, without any of the negatives—like the fragility of glass or the risk of cutting my mouth on rough metal edges—that made me dislike reusable straws in the first place. The sturdy metal makes the straw feel nice and secure in my cup, and I love that it's strong enough to stir my coffee so I don't have to reach for a spoon. Thanks to the removable silicone tips, which feel soft and flexible, there's no need to worry about drastic temperature changes (like sipping an ice-cold drink) bothering my sensitive teeth, either. The silicone also helps avoid the annoying metallic aftertaste that's so common with most metal straws.

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Klean Kanteen Straws

To buy: $7 (was $10); amazon.com

The Klean Kanteen straws are also extremely easy to clean (they're dishwasher-safe!), so they really do check all of the boxes. At the end of the day, I separate the silicone and metal pieces and throw them into my dishwasher's silverware basket. But if I'm in a hurry or without access to a dishwasher, I can easily wash my straw using some dish soap and a straw brush—the removable silicone piece makes it easy for the brush to reach the entirety of the straw. (If you don't already have a cleaning brush at home, you can opt for the pack of four straws and a brush for just a few more dollars).

Despite the fact that I hated drinking from reusable straws at first, I now use Klean Kanteen's genius hybrid straws every single day. Even if you think reusable straws aren't for you, trust me when I say these metal-silicone ones are actually worth trying.

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To buy: $10; amazon.com

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