Hy-Vee Approves SNAP Recipients To Buy Groceries Online

Hy-Vee announced this week that it will now accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) as payment for its online grocery pick-up service.
The grocery chain said that those using the SNAP program can shop for groceries online, select SNAP/EBT as payment, and select pickup at one of the more than 250 locations where the service is available. They noted that the program is not eligible for grocery delivery orders. Those using the service will be required to bring their EBT card for pick-up as well as a credit/debit card to pay for those items that are not EBT-eligible.
The move comes the same week as the state of Utah approved SNAP recipients in the state to use their EBT cards to pay for groceries in the state with approved retailers. Currently, those retailers are Walmart and Amazon Grocery.
“As we navigate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the availability of this critical program will help many Utahns,” said Eligibility Services Division director for the Department of Workforce Services Dale Ownby: “Providing online purchasing options allows individuals more opportunity to practice social distancing, particularly for those who are high-risk.”
As of April, six states had approved those utilizing the SNAP program to shop for groceries online, as demand increased for safer grocery options amid the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, states like Maryland and New Jersey have also joined the SNAP online pilot program, bringing the total number of states participating to an overwhelming 42 as of this writing. You can check if your state is participating or planning to participate, as well as see approved retailers here.

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