Here’s Exactly What Women’s World Cup Winner Julie Ertz Eats in a Day

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In case you missed it, the U.S. Women’s soccer team is pretty darn amazing. The recent 2019 World Cup winners are a force to be reckoned with on and off the field—and one of those team members is Midfielder Julie Ertz. 

We had the opportunity to learn all about Ertz’s passion for healthy eating, cooking, and one of our favorite topics—what she eats in a day. Find out how this world-class soccer player fuels her body, below:

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Ertz loves to start her day with some healthy carbs from a big bowl of oatmeal or quinoa porridge. This hearty protein-fiber combo from whole grains keeps her energized and satiated through her morning workout. 

We think she would love our cozy Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge With Apples and Pecans, packed with 15g protein, 4g fiber, and almost 20 percent of our daily potassium needs to get an electrolyte boost. Overnight oats would be perfect for an extra-busy weekday morning, and our Berry-Banana Overnight Oats recipe is sweet, creamy, and super nutritious!


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Ertz typically refuels with a shake or smoothie post-workout. Though she doesn’t prescribe to a particular diet plan—opting to stay “in tune with her body” instead of a specific eating regimen—she does have a pretty amazing vegan smoothie recipe. It’s made with avocado, vanilla almond milk, bananas, kale, and pineapple juice. Yum!

We have loads of healthy smoothie recipes on our site, but we think she would especially love our delicious PB&J Smoothie, which is packed with 18g protein and 8g fiber for some serious staying power. 


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Ertz is always on the go, so she loves to stash simple snacks (like almonds and fruit) with her to help keep cravings at bay between meals. She says she enjoys planning ahead for the day because it’s all too easy to make an unhealthy choice if you don’t have a convenient, nutritious one to go with instead!


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Dinnertime typically calls for a massive salad, full of fruits and veggies and topped with a homemade dressing. Ertz loves salads because you can use different ingredients every time—depending on what’s in the fridge that day—and it all comes together in minutes.

Ertz also loves to cook with her husband, Zach Ertz, who is also a world-class athlete in his own right—he’s a Tight End for the Philadelphia Eagles. One of their favorite meals to make for date night at home is a gluten-free almond flour pizza topped with cheese, garlic, fresh veggies, and sausage. They also love Mexican food—especially steak tacos and burritos.

We just know Julie and Zach would love our Zucchini-Pesto-Sausage Pizza when they want to make a lighter version of their favorite food. And we must say, our Grilled Steak and Mexican Street Corn Tacos will make you never want to go out to eat again. Don’t worry, we also have a fabulous margarita recipe to go with them!


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