Here Are the Most Popular Pie Recipes in Every State Right Now, According to Google

We don’t exactly know how revelers celebrated the most exciting Pi Day of all time, which happened on March 14, 1592. Or if circles even had the same ratio or circumference to diameter back then! Certainly, we do know that PIE existed then, though. And that’s what’s important. And we also know that if you want to seem smart, you can just start rattling off random digits after 3.141592 and people will assume you actually know Pi to some absurd length!

Anyway, when we’re not impressing other people with fake skills, we like to practice our real skills: making pies and looking at how people eat pie around the country. Google ran one of their special trend analyses that shows what is uniquely most-searched in each state in the last seven days — and the results for pie are surprisingly more varied than you might expect!

  • Alabama: Buttermilk pie
  • Alaska: Shepherd’s pie
  • Arizona: Lemon meringue pie
  • Arkansas: Buttermilk pie
  • California: Mud pie
  • Colorado: Spaghetti pie
  • Connecticut: Chicken pot pie
  • Delaware: Shepherd’s pie
  • Washington, D.C.: Pecan pie
  • Florida: Key lime pie
  • Georgia: Buttermilk pie
  • Hawaii: Haupia pie
  • Idaho: Strawberry pie
  • Illinois: French silk pie
  • Indiana: Peanut butter pie
  • Iowa: Coconut cream pie
  • Kansas: Cheeseburger pie
  • Kentucky: Peanut butter pie
  • Louisiana: Crawfish pie
  • Maine: Chicken pot pie
  • Maryland: Pumpkin pie
  • Massachusetts: Ricotta pie
  • Michigan: Cheeseburger pie
  • Minnesota: French silk pie
  • Mississippi: Buttermilk pie
  • Missouri: Coconut cream pie
  • Montana: Chicken pot pie
  • Nebraska: Cherry pie
  • Nevada: Shepherd’s pie
  • New Hampshire: Chicken pot pie
  • New Jersey: Tomato pie
  • New Mexico: Pecan pie
  • New York: Chicken pot pie
  • North Carolina: Sweet potato pie
  • North Dakota: Chocolate pie
  • Ohio: Peanut butter pie
  • Oklahoma: Chocolate pie
  • Oregon: Strawberry rhubarb pie
  • Pennsylvania: Tomato pie
  • Rhode Island: Cheeseburger pie
  • South Carolina: Tomato pie
  • South Dakota: Apple pie
  • Tennessee: Buttermilk pie
  • Texas: Millionaire pie
  • Utah: Banana cream pie
  • Vermont: Chicken pot pie
  • Virginia: Butterscotch pie
  • Washington: Banana cream pie
  • West Virginia: Peanut butter pie
  • Wisconsin: French silk pie
  • Wyoming: Shepherd’s pie

Some of the answers were pretty easy to guess — Hawaii has eyes only for its signature haupia pie, and Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia repped the Southern specialty of buttermilk pie. Louisiana chose to remind everyone that it’s not really a part of the cultural South by electing to join team savory with crawfish pie. Other folks on that side of the dinner-dessert divide include a strong New England contingent for chicken pot pie — Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine (plus Montana?) — and a few fans of shepherd’s pie (Alaska, Wyoming, Delaware).

Surprisingly, apple pie is perhaps not as “American” as we thought, given that only a single state — South Dakota — came up with it. Of course, there is a seasonal bent to this list, and late winter is hardly the time for fruit pies — there are not many on the list.

But no matter what kind of pie you choose to celebrate with today, on Pi day, the real Pi day is every day. Because pie is awesome.

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