Gordon Ramsay Mocked Someone On TikTok Who Made A Burger Fried In Blue Takis

By now, you definitely know Gordon Ramsay roasts people on TikTok. It is now kind of his thing (besides yelling at people on TV and traveling around the world eating $700 burgers, that is). In his latest TikTok takedown, Gordon roasted someone who made a burger covered in Blue Takis, a dish that was specifically designed in a lab to make him aggravated.
In the video, previously reported on by Insider, Gordon reacts to the creation by Matthew Kirschner, owner of Red Knapps in Rochester, MI. Matthew noted that this video was “day 20 of putting weird stuff in burgers until we get Gordon Ramsay’s attention,” so obviously he is well-aware of what sets the famous chef off. “Oh, you got my attention,” Gordon says back.
#duet with @redknappsrochester Oh you have my attention…..that’s just tacky ! #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks #fyp
First, Matthew and his crew added crushed Blue Takis into two balls of rolled ground meat and then put Crunchy Fajitas Takis to the middle of the final burger patty. To all of this, Gordon, of course, protested. But they weren’t done. Then they browned the burger, added an egg wash, and put it in more ground up Blue Takis and popped it into the deep fryer. This was way too much for Gordon.
“That thing looks radioactive!” Gordon exclaimed: “Deep frying it? Dude, right now I want to stick your head in the deep fat fryer, you donut!”
OK, yes, this was not exactly a traditional burger, as it was designed to make Gordon upset, but I cannot be the only person who would GLADLY eat this??? I dunno! Pop some cream cheese on top of that burger, add some bell peppers, and you’ve got a TikTok trend.

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