Florida Restaurant Workers Are Not Required To Get COVID-19 Tests To Return To Work After Being Sick

Florida restaurant workers who previously tested positive for COVID-19 are no longer required to take another test before returning to work. Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order that makes this possible.
In March of this year, the state required two negative tests before a worker could return to his/her/their job after testing positive for coronavirus, Newsweek reported. The new executive order reverses that requirement and now only requires restaurants to follow screening guidelines suggested by the CDC.
The CDC just updated their protocols in July, and they say that patients can stop self-isolating post-COVID-19 after 10 days, which is four days less than the previous benchmark. The guidelines do encourage business owners and managers to tell employees who have been sick or around someone with the virus to stay home from work if possible.
In Florida, restaurants are permitted to be open indoors at 50 percent capacity as long as they follow social distancing protocols. Still, the new executive order is getting mixed reviews from restaurant workers, according to Newsweek. Some business owners say that getting rid of the re-test requirement will help get more workers out on the floor and better service sooner. Other managers are still going to require a negative test result before allowing workers to come back to maintain safety for employees and customers.
For those who are going out to eat at restaurants, it’s still important to follow each establishment’s rules, many of which require masks and social distancing for patrons.

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