Florence Pugh And Zach Braff Made Fettuccine And Ravioli From Scratch And Documented It All On Instagram

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff had an at-home date night this past Saturday and tested their cooking skills by making pasta from scratch. The couple made a batch of fettuccine and ravioli and documented the entire process on their Instagram accounts.
In the now-expired Instagram stories, Florence and Zach shared photos of the pasta noodles laying out and the ravioli while they were being formed. In one slide alongside a photo of the unfinished ravioli, Florence acknowledged that they weren’t looking their best. “I know they’re not perfect… FIRST TIME,” she wrote.
They served their ravioli with a thick red sauce and some shaved parmesan on top and the fettuccine with a creamy white sauce. Florence posted a bird’s eye view of their table setting, with a plate full of ravioli next to a plate of the fettuccine writing “Both get a taster of each!” on the photo.
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Though the Instagram stories are no longer visible on their profiles, Florence did add a video to her feed of her perfectly spinning and serving the fettuccine noodles onto a plate. In the background, soft music is playing and you can hear the sound of the sauces and utensils, making it it’s own 12-second ASMR-style clip.
“We reached a new level of quarantine last night. Home made fettuccine and ravioli. For a first time… pretty stoked! I’ll say it, oh dear. This is dangerous,” Florence wrote in the caption. Other celebs were having major food envy, with Emily Ratajkowski commenting “Need recipe” and Vanessa Hudgens chiming in with a simple “Wow. Beautiful.” Wow beautiful, indeed. Now I’m hungry!

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