Christina Tosi Is At The Helm Of The New Netflix Show ‘Bake Squad’

Anyway, from the short clip alone, you’ll learn the aforementioned big days range from fairytale weddings, big-deal birthdays, and, most importantly, celebrations of health. As this show was shot during the pandemic, these happy moments are particularly lovely, both for the bakers and the people who get to eat their desserts. Per Netflix, this is more than just a handful of people who are exceptional at their crafts competing: “It’s [making] dessert dreams come true!” (You see what I mean about the sweetness of it all, yeah?)
Oh god, I forgot to mention the dessert itself—it’s all wild. I’m talking chocolate eggs large enough to transport Lady Gaga to any award show of her choosing, words spelled out by pastries that are big enough to be on billboards, and so very much more. Enjoy!

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