Caramel Fluff Exists So Your Sandwich Of Choice Just Got Even Sweeter

@Foodiewiththebeasts on Instagram got a jar of caramel Fluff from GB Gifts, a UK-based site that sells and ships snacks. The food Instagram account said that the caramel spread works with peanut butter, although it can of course be enjoyed by the spoonful, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.
“Caramel Fluff!!! It’s a thing!! Who knew? Kinda tastes like marshmallow snickers when it’s smooshed in a peanut butter sammy!” they wrote in the caption.
GB Gifts sells the gluten-free Fluff for $3.20 before shipping so that’s something to consider if you want to try this rare find. @Foodiewiththebeasts previously found the pink strawberry Fluff at their local Redner’s, a grocery chain across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. This is all to say that some Fluff flavors are harder to find than others, so if you spot them in stores you should clear the shelf. Kidding…or am I?

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