California Avocados Released A Bunch Of Merch That Gives A Shout Out To Your Favorite Superfood

When you really think about it, you will never be as famous as avocados. Of course, the fruit has been around forever but it really popped off in 2015 and putting it on just about everything hasn’t slowed down since. And now, for those who adore the superfood, you can buy a number of products thanks to a new line by the California Avocado Commission.
The California Avocado Commission is an organization that supports avocado producers in the state of California. California, as you may know, is responsible for about 90 percent of the avocados distributed in the United States.
Not only is California one of the leading producers of avocados, the state’s trendy vibe has also inspired this new line of avocado merch. It includes wearable items like tees, tanks, hoodies, and crewnecks, as well as other accessories like totes, duffle bags, hats, and stickers.

Avocado Toast Tee

Avocado Forever Socks

California Flag Tee

Avocado Statement “Dad” Hat
Since you can never have too many t-shirts or sweatshirts, you can choose between apparel with graphics inspired by California road signs, the California flag, and one top that features everyone’s favorite brunch food: avocado toast. The avocado toast shirt is a millennial’s dream, with illustrations of eggs and bacon, strawberries, tomatoes, onions, and more all atop different slices of avocado toast.
For something more low-key, the merch also includes sock bundles, sticker packs, and beach towels with fun and colorful designs. The entire line ranges between $5 and $58 and is available now at, so there’s something for every budget and every kind of avocado fan because let’s be honest…avocados still deserve all the hype.

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