Baby Yoda Ice Molds Are Here, So Now You Can Add A Little Character To Your Drinks

Whether you’re participating in Dry January or have already broken the challenge because 2021 isn’t off to the best start for you, one thing we all know is that almost every drink tastes better when it’s chilled. If you’re someone who is tired of using the same boring cubed ice to give your drink that refreshing chill you need, however, you’ll be happy to know that there’s now a Baby Yoda ice mold that exists to add a little character to your sips.

Star Wars The Child Ice Molds, Set of 2
Sold in a set of two, the ice molds deliver a 2.25-inch diameter ice cube—which is actually a pretty decent size, so you’ll only need one to keep your drink(s) at the right temperature. “These silicone molds from Zoku possess the power to create ice sculptures of the beloved Child,” the description reads. “Just fill the molds with water or juice, then freeze. Add to your favorite drink and savor the presence of this slow-melting Mandalorian.”
Once you’ve popped your “cube” out of the silicone mold, you’ll have a solid version of Grogu (or The Child as we know him) sitting peacefully in a hovering pram. Super cute, right?
Well, if you’re looking to nab your set quickly so that you can binge a few episodes of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, don’t think you can run out and find these just anywhere. The set of The Child Ice Molds—which are reasonably priced at $21.95—are only available at Williams Sonoma. Lucky for you though, these have managed to kind of stay off the radar since their launch at the end of last year. That doesn’t mean they’ll be available for long, however, so you’ll want to get them ASAP. And after you get your set, be sure to check out these sweet Valentine’s Day cocktails you can use them in.
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