Amazon Shoppers Keep Finding New Uses for This Under-$20 Organizer

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Spring has sprung, and the warming weather has brought with it the desire to get homes cleaner and better organized. You don't have to go too out of your way to do so, though. Some items, like a versatile broom and tool holder, are affordable accessories that can make a big difference in next to no time. Another useful gadget that can help get your kitchen in order: an under-$20 pan and dish holder that Amazon shoppers keep finding new uses for.

Designed to keep plates and pans upright and in one place, the Spectrum Diversified organizer is the closest thing you'll get to an instant cabinet makeover. It saves space by securing kitchenware upright together, rather than stacked on top of each other. This allows for more horizontal space in your cupboards.

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It's Amazon's best-selling plate organizer for a reason: The gadget comes with eight slots that can securely fit everything from side dishes to searing pans. It's ideal for keeping cookware sets together, but it can also hold things like cutting boards and muffin pans.

In addition to cleaning things up, the tidy tool can aid in decorating as well. If you have display cases throughout your home for things like china or other fancier kitchenware, this accessory can help show them off in an orderly fashion.

"I have glass front cabinets and this organizer looks great holding my white plates," wrote one five-star reviewer. "Sturdy and a great space saver," said another.

The chrome, nickel, gray, and copper finishes likely match either your appliances or your kitchen's color scheme so that the organizer looks less like an eyesore and more like a thought-out addition.

According to reviews, shoppers keep finding new users for this clever tool. They use it for keeping storage container lids in one place and note that it also makes a nice home office addition since it can keep folders, portfolios, and other supplies upright and uncreased. Several shoppers can say it even comes in handy for holding crafting tools.

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To buy: Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Dish Organizer, $16.98;

The brand also offers a handy organization set that comes with the above tool as well as a lid holder. This duo has garnered nearly 7,000 reviews and more than 5,000 of them include perfect five-star ratings.

"These are super heavy duty, I don't know how I survived so long without these," wrote one shopper. "These are great quality and make it really easy to find the lid I'm looking for without taking a ton of space. I ordered one to start with. As soon as I opened the box and put it up I turned around and bought another one."

No matter the space—your kitchen, office, or craft room—organize it in no time with this best-selling accessory.

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To buy: Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Dish and Lid Organizer Set, $35.60;

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