Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Is Officially Coming Back So We’re Ready For The Holidays

The time has (kind of!) come for us to talk about the holidays again! Can you believe?? Even if you’re not quite ready to plan out your Christmas dinner or New Years toast yet, you can set your sights on a treasured friend that is making its way back into your home this holiday season: Aldi announced the return of its holiday advent calendars for 2020, including its beloved wine advent calendar.
Yes, the 2020 Collection Wine Advent Calendar is one of the 20 different advent calendars that Aldi will be releasing this year. This beauty may look like your typical advent cal, but instead of little cute pieces of chocolate hiding behind those 24 doors, it’s actually little cute bottles of wine! You can find 24 mini bottles of red, white, rosé, and bubbly you can enjoy every day of the festive season.
I had the immense pleasure of having one of the cals last year and let me tell you, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. Each mini bottle is about as much wine as you wanna have as a little wind-down (or WINE-down, HAHA) from work and made every dinner I cooked that month feel like a festive feast. Plus, because there are so many different types, you never get bored. Even as a red wine drinker, I enjoyed trying all the white wines too! What fun!
This calendar (and a bunch of others including Aldi’s famous cheese advent cal) will be available starting on November 4. If your Aldi typically sells wine, you should be able to pick it up for $69.99. Cheers!

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