Aldi Sells Pulled Pork Kettle Chips That You’ll Want To Have In Your Pantry

Now, these gluten free pulled pork-flavored chips are here to take the crown, it seems, and I am so excited. They’re “krinkle”-cut kettle chips which means they’re super crunchy, and the pulled pork flavor likely means they have an umami taste with a hint of barbecue.
Like any chip, these can be enjoyed on their own, but I’m a huge advocate for using chips of any sort for dipping, or adding onto a sandwich. Because of their flavor, it seems only right to use these pulled pork chips as an additional topping on a pulled pork sandwich. I’m thinking top your bread of choice with some sweet BBQ pulled pork, add some coleslaw, then layer a couple of these chips on there for more flavor and a welcome crunch. Suddenly I’m hungry…hbu?

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