9 Cool Cooler Bags You’ll Want to Carry Everywhere This Summer

Open that group chat and start planning a park picnic, because summer is already flying by and you’ll want to enjoy the outdoors with friends as much as you can before all things pumpkin spice start taking over store shelves. Whether you’re a fan of packing homemade lunches or prefer to pick up snacks at the neighborhood deli, you’ll want to ensure that your picnic picks stay chilled by grabbing one of these awesome cooler bags.

These handy totes are perfect for all of the picnics, summer concerts, and outdoor movie nights you know you want to cram into the next several weeks.

Basket Print Insulated Cooler, $23 from Urban Outfitters

A tisket, a tasket … it’s a cooler bag that looks just like a picnic basket! This fun Urban Outfitters pick looks like the real thing, but is way lighter to tote around and store (which is always a major plus!).

JJ Cole Insulated Bottle Cooler Bag in Black/White, $18 from Amazon

This preppy piece almost looks like a stylish handbag. While it’s technically designed to hold bottles and sippy cups for little ones, it would still make a great cooler for those going on a solo picnic or who otherwise don’t have a ton to carry but need something insulated. And with so many cute patterns available, who can resist?

Super Chill Orange Cooler Bag, $32 from ban.do

Squeeze drinks, sandwiches, snacks, and more into this fun orange-slice bag, which you may find yourself using as your go-to summer purse.

REI Co-Op Pack-Away 6 Soft Cooler, $24.95 from REI

This practical cooler folds completely flat and will keep cans nice and icy for 24 hours, making it perfect for hiking and extended outdoor trips. Looking to get a bit more bang for your buck? One reviewer says this tote works great as a daily lunch box!

The Emily & Meritt Round Beach Cooler, $21 from PB Teen

Prefer a cooler that’s a bit more sassy and fun? This PB Teen option is spunky and would make a great addition to any beach trip or getaway. We’re digging its fun vintage look.

PackIt Freezable Hobo Lunch Bag, $25

Functional and chic, this striped bag keeps food as cool as it looks. Just fold it flat and let it chill in the freezer overnight, and you’re good to go!

Arctic Zone 18-Can Backpack Cooler, $18 from Target

This backpack is ideal for hikers or those who otherwise have their hands full (moms and dads, we’re looking at you!). Despite its relatively small size, it actually holds 18 cans.

Sunnylife Islabomba Cooler Bag, $21 from Backcountry

This rainbow-colored bag just screams summer. It’s bound to brighten up any park gathering and can hold enough to nourish an entire group.

Super Chill Party Convertible Cooler Bag, $38 from ban.do

Another colorful option, this colorful bag includes a 32-inch strap for easy carrying and, once settled, can be flipped open to use as a cooler or a wine chiller.

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