You Can Buy St. Patrick’s Day Ravioli in Bulk at Costco


To put it mildly, St. Patrick’s day is a holiday that’s more focused on drinking than eating. I’m obviously talking about wholesome things like the Shamrock Shake, of course. But even if Irish cuisine doesn’t usually stand out on the world stage, you shouldn’t have to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in order to try something (that at least looks) seasonally appropriate this March 17.

Case in point: Costco is currently stocked with some shamrock-themed ravioli, representing the unexpected fusion of Irish aesthetics with Italian tastes that you never knew you needed until right now.

Nuovo Pasta is at it again with this super fun shamrock shaped ravioli! 😍☘️ This is their delicious traditional 5-cheese ravioli…yes please! ($9.79, item no. 1205033)

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Let’s take a closer look at what @CostcoBuys found. This vaguely gaelic offering is a five-cheese pasta shaped into a classic— but not lucky— three leaf clover. Inside you’ll find imported Irish aged cheddar alongside shredded mozzarella, creamy white cheddar, velvet ricotta, and parmesan cheese. Though it’s not included in the package, the label suggests you pair the pasta with an Irish vodka sauce, which sounds like quite the oxymoron if you think about it purely in terms of the liquor involved.

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If you’re tasked with feeding a large, catholic family on St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll be delighted to hear that a 40-ounce package of the pasta retails for just $9.79. This is Costco we’re talking about after all.

So don’t settle for normal-shaped five cheese pasta this March: put a little seasonal twist on it with this Costco find. And if you really want to make it a party, pair it with a metric ton of Kirkland Light.



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