Yoplait's Latest Yogurt Creation Takes Inspiration From an Old-School Surprise: Gushers


Now that we’re more than 20 years on from the big Y2K scare, it seems like all of the unhealthy ‘90s snacks have suddenly emerged from hiding. Sometimes these sugary, nostalgic favorites re-emerge in new forms like Dunkaroos cereal, for example.


While that modification on a classic makes at least a little bit of sense if you think about it, I don’t know if one could truthfully say the same about Yoplait Gushers. The oozy, gooey “fruit” snack that you binged on after school is back in yogurt form, much to the delight of a few adults in search of a plausible excuse to eat Gushers while contributing to a 401K. 



New @therealgushers x @yoplaitusa collab is out at Food Lion! Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, & Green Apple! All with flavor burst beads!! I got all 3 since my husband is in love with the starburst ones. Super thanks to my friend for sharing with me after she got for her kids and said they are OBSESSED!

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As evidenced by the Instagram documentation from @FoodiewiththeBeasts, this Gushers-Yoplait crossover event is available in Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, and Green Apple flavors. Compared to how (at least some) Gushers are normally sold, it looks like these will be a comparatively monochromatic affair—probably because combining a variety of Gusher flavors into one cup of yogurt would get a bit confusing.

Lets you think this is just some lame cash grab that isn’t true to the Gushers spirit, fear not. Each variety of the Yoplait x Gushers collab features “burstin’ beads,” which must be a way to combine the experience of an explosive Gusher with the comparatively boring process of eating yogurt.

So far, this Gushers yogurt has been spotted at places like Food Lion, but I’m sure you’ll be able to see this brightly-labelled product at other places where (normal) Yoplait yogurt is sold soon enough. Whether any other functioning adult will take you seriously after seeing you eat Gushers yogurt, however, is anyone’s guess. 

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