‘Won’t be stale or mouldy!’ Keep bread fresh for 3 weeks with quirky food storage hack

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Bread is a household staple, with nearly 11 million loaves sold each day across the UK. Approximately 60-70 percent of the bread we eat is white, and sandwiches are throught to account for 50 percent of overall bread consumption. With the cost of living crisis, here’s how you can keep your loaf fresh and mould-free. 

Bread stored at room temperature typically lasts around seven days before it starts to go stale. 

Add in the warmer temperature many are currently experiencing, and it is a breeding ground for mould. 

If you choose to store your bread in a bread bin or cupboard, it can make the loaf stay fresher for longer. 

But to maximise shelf life, consider placing the loaf of bread in the fridge. 

One expert however, suggests using a vegetable to keep a loaf fresh and mould free. 

Consumer Expert Tom Church shared his food storage hacks.

When it comes to bread, he said: “If you’ve ever opened your loaf of bread to make a sandwich, only to discover that it’s gone mouldy, consider placing a stick of celery into the bread bag. 

“It may sound odd, but the bread will absorb the moisture provided by the celery and, in turn, remain fresh. 

“Your loaf won’t become dry and mouldy at the same rate, so your chances of getting a sandwich together will increase!”

Store-bought bread can last up to 14 days in the fridge. 

Add in a stick of celery and you can increase this shelf life up to a week. 

Another way to ensure the slices of bread don’t go dry is by keeping the crust inside the bag. 

The ends of loaves are not as popular, and can therefore absorb the oxygen that makes the slices go stale. 

If you’re worried you won’t eat the whole loaf, consider freezing it. 

If you have space in your freezer, simply place it in its original packaging, an airtight container, or wrap it tightly in freezer bags or cling film before freezing. 

By storing it this way, it stops the loaf from drying out.


From the freezer, you can then make toast. 

Simply take as many frozen slices as you need and place straight into the toaster. 

If you want to use frozen bread for sandwiches, use the defrost setting on the microwave. 

But make sure there are no frozen lumps or cold spots in the middle.

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