Why You Really Do Need a Mini Spatula

I pride myself on being a minimalist in life and in the kitchen. So when my mother-in-law offers me new kitchen tools she’s so graciously picked up to pass around, I tend to politely decline. However, after so many refusals, I agreed to take a tiny spatula a few years ago. I figured I’d accept it, put it in a drawer, and never actually use it. Oh how quickly I realized how wrong I was: It’s now one of the most-used tools in my kitchen!

My Mother-in-Law Was Right: We All Need a Mini Spatula

Why is a mini spatula necessary when you have a perfectly good regular-sized spatula? This is what I asked myself when I was gifted the tiny thing. Soon after I brought it home, however, I quickly understood its worth. There are a whole lot of small jobs that are made easy with a mini spatula.

At about eight inches long and one inch wide, it can fit into spaces the others cannot. It helps me get every last drop out of jars and bottles — be it peanut butter or mustard. I use it to help me scrape things like homemade pesto and hummus from the food processor. I reach for it when I am making a single serving of scrambled eggs. It helps smooth out batter in cake and muffins tins and even makes frosting cupcakes easier.

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I’ve found so many uses for my mini spatula that I now realize I reach for it at least a few times each and every day. It’s so well-loved, in fact, that it almost never even makes it back to its home in our utensil drawer. Most of the time, it simply lingers on the drying rack, ready and waiting to be grabbed again.

Do you have any tools that you thought you’d never use but now reach for all the time? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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