Where to buy cheapest Christmas turkey: Tesco, Asda, M&S and Sainsbury’s prices compared

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Christmas is fast approaching with many Britons already preparing for the big day. Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Morrisons have all brought out ranges of Christmas food. Which supermarket is the cheapest?

Christmas turkeys are now available to order from many supermarkets.

Most retailers have a range of turkeys that vary on everything from their size to how they are prepared.

No matter what type of turkey you want there are plenty of bargains to be had this year.

Express.co.uk has ranked the cheapest fresh turkeys to order now.

Morrisons Whole British Turkey – £3 per kg

Coming in as the cheapest fresh turkey available now, the medium or large turkey can be bought for just £3 per kilogram.

The medium turkey serves up to 10 people with the large feeding up to 13 hungry guests.

Asda Medium Standard Whole Turkey – £3.95 per kg

The generous medium turkey serves between seven and 10 people.

It typically weighs around 4.75kg and costs £3.95 per kilogram.

Asda shoppers can order fresh turkey now to be delivered from December 21.

Tesco Fresh Whole Turkey Medium – £4 per kg

Bargain hunters can pick up the turkey, which weighs between 4.5kg and 4.99kg and serves 11 to 14 people.

The turkey works out at £4 per kilogram.

Waitrose Essential Extra Large Whole Turkey with Giblets – £5.25 per kg

The best deal from Waitrose is the huge extra large turkey, which weighs between 8kg and 9.5kg.

The bird costs £43 to £50, depending on size and serves 16 people.

Sainsbury’s Standard Turkey – £5.50 per kg

Retailing at £11, the standard turkey is the cheapest available in Sainsbury’s.

The meat is between 2kg and 2.99kg and feeds three to six people.

Marks & Spencer British Oakham Turkey Crown – £11 per kg

The retailer offers some of the most expensive turkeys on offer this year.

The British Oakham Turkey Crown is the most affordable turkey in the Christmas range, coming in at £11 per kilogram.

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