What’s the best way to drink whisky? The three ways to make your drink taste even better

Lidl: Recipe for delicious hot whisky

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Whisky is a type of distilled alcoholic drink that’s originally made from fermented grain mash. While whisky is very common across the UK, it can be overwhelming for a beginner as there are plenty of different ways to enjoy it.

Whisky was first mentioned in the 15th century, but has since become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the UK.

It’s distilled across the world, from Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, to Australia, Finland and even Japan.

The different varieties of whisky have produced an incredibly versatile array of drinks.

For example, some bottles of whisky could be bought from as little as £7, while the most expensive bottle was sold at auction for £1.4million.

What’s the best way to drink whisky?

There’s absolutely correct way to drink your whisky, according to Aber Falls Distillery’s Master Blender, Kirstie McCallum.

Some people choose to simply pour their whisky into a glass and drink it straight, with a few ice cubes.

But, it’s not uncommon to add a mixer, like lemonade or cola, to make it more of a sweet treat.

Whichever you choose to do, the most important thing is to make sure you enjoy the taste, she said.

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“There is no ‘best’ way to drink whisky, in my opinion,” Kirstie told Express.co.uk, ahead of Aber Falls Distillery launching its Inaugural Release of Welsh Whisky this month.

“I believe there has been a lot of snobbery associated with drinking whisky in the past – ‘You can only drink it with water’, ‘You can only add ice’, ‘You can’t do anything to it’.

“This has made the product seem quite intimidating to some but it really shouldn’t be. We distill whisky for everyone to enjoy, no matter what their chosen method of consumption is.

“We make it for people to drink so if you want to add lemonade in it, or Coca-Cola or Irn-Bru, just go for it.”

How to make your whisky taste even better

To make the most of your experience, everyone should consider taking a sip of the whisky at bottle strength, she added.

It’ll give you a greater sense of the flavours in the whisky before you add a mixer, if you choose to do so.

You could also add a little water to the drink too, as it’ll open up the whisky, allowing more aromas and flavours to come through.

Kirstie added: “Adding a little water will also reduce the alcohol ‘burn’ you get, but you also need to allow yourself the chance to get used to it.

“Take a little sip; savour the flavour and effect, and then take another drink to get the full impact and flavour of the whisky.”

It’s also important to choose the right type of glass, she said.

To have the maximum impact, you should use a glass with a bulbous bottom and a narrow top.

It will help to capture all of the aromas within the glass.

But, if you’re just drinking for pleasure, any type of glass will do the trick.

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