Weatherspoon removes tomatoes from its classic fry-up breakfast

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There are currently 900 Wetherspoon locations across the UK, and one of its most popular menu items is the full English breakfast. But the chain famous for bargain meals and drinks has announced it is removing tomatoes from the fry-up due to supply issues.

Supermarkets have experienced fruit and vegetable shortages recently due to bad weather in Spain and Morocco.

While some have announced its stock has been replenished with a steady supply, the shortages are said to continue until early May for tomatoes.

A recent Wetherspoons customer ordered a full English breakfast, only to be surprised when it arrived with no tomato.

Anthony Garnett said: “I have plenty of tomatoes in my fridge. Why can’t Wetherspoons source any?”

Wetherspoons has responded by placing posters around its restaurants that are affected.

The poster read: “There is a national supply issue affecting tomatoes and cucumbers.

“This means some menu dishes, such as breakfasts, burgers and steaks, will be served without tomatoes.

“Salads will now be made with mixed leaves, red onion and dressing. Thank you for your understanding.”

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Anthony also commented on the change to the salad and said: “Wetherspoons are really taking the p*** now with their salads.

“Skinny chicken burger initially didn’t come with any salad at all and when I finally got my salad it was just lettuce, a bit of rocket and a few morsels of red onion chopped up too small to be able to get on a fork. No cucumber or tomato whatsoever.”

He referenced the signs in the restaurant mentioning the food shortages, but remarked the Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons around the corner have “no nationwide shortage” on these items, “so why can’t Wetherspoons source any?”

Wetherspoons’ full English breakfast costs £6.88 and consists of two sausages, two bacon rashers, two fried eggs, a large mushroom, a tomato, three hash browns, baked beans and four half slices of toast.

It comes after Wetherspoons announced several pubs will be shutting down across the UK.

Up to 35 sites are currently on the market, of which 13 are currently in the process of being bought by an independant buyer.

But unless all sites are bought, the remaining pubs will have to shut down.

On the flip side, Wetherspoons has announced a new pub is opening in The O2, London.

The company has spent £2.9 million developing a space in the outlet at The O2 to house a new pub, called The Stargazer. It features 3,800 square foot beer garden, offering views across the Thames and Canary Wharf.

As for why it’s called The Stargazer, the brand drew inspiration from its location, and the important role that Greenwich plays in the history of astronomy and navigation.

The new pub will be open from 10am until 12.15am Monday to Sunday, and food will be served throughout the day, from opening until 11pm every day.

For family dining with children accompanied by an adult, are welcome in the pub until 9pm throughout the week.

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