‘We don’t control McFlurry toppings!’: McDonald’s employee shares chain secrets

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A TikTok user has taken to the social media platform to share what it’s like to work at fast food giant McDonald’s. She provided top tips to customers on how to get the most out of their fast food experience and even settled the ice cream machine debate.

@syillustrates called her series McDonald’s Employee Secrets.

The issue of whether the McDonald’s ice cream machine is actually broken is contentious.

But this employee revealed: “When we say the McFlurry machine isn’t working, we genuinely mean that it’s not working.

“We don’t say it because we don’t want to make one – it literally takes two seconds to make.”

She continued: “It’s probably because we just poured McFlurry liquid – it comes in a liquid form – in and it needs to freeze. That’s probably why.”

She added: “And they always say, ‘It’s not a McFlurry if it’s made in a hurry’, we have to spin the McFlurries for eight seconds.”

A word to the wise for customers who are left frustrated by the toppings on their McFlurry, McDonald’s employees can’t do anything about it, according to this employee.

“People seem to think that we control the toppings but we don’t. There’s a little thing you pull out and it lets a certain amount out.

“We’re not scooping in your chocolate chips, it does it for us.”

@syillustrates then let fast food lovers into a little secret regarding McDonald’s burgers.

“Did you know that if you order a cheeseburger, or a Big Mac, or a hamburger, they’re all the same burger?

“There’s no difference; we use exactly the same patties.”

@syillustrates said: “You’re not actually getting a different burger, which some people may think.”

She added that a Quarter Pounder has a different patty, which is bigger.

The McDonald’s employee then offered a nifty ordering hack.

“If you want fresh food, like fresh fries, ask for the fries without salt.”

This is because employees have to make them fresh, clearing out the fry rack so it doesn’t have salt chips in it, and even using a different scoop.

She continued: “Or, use a ‘grill order’ – that’s what we call it if you say, ‘Can I have a Big Mac but without the pickles or the lettuce’.

“Just ask for the burger with something extra or without something that would usually be put in.

“That way you can guarantee that it’s fresh.”

One Mcdonald’s menu item that isn’t fresh, however, is the breakfast pancakes with sausages.

“The pancakes are just put in the microwave to be warmed up. They aren’t freshly made, they come in a packet.”

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