Toasted Coconut Cheerios Are Here to Make Mornings Sweeter


Recently, when a new cereal comes out, it’s tied to a franchise, covered in all sorts of artificial who-knows-what, or both. So is it really a wonder that fewer people are buying it? Thankfully, at least one cereal brand gets that people want something real for breakfast or a late-night snack. And that’s why we’re pumped about Cheerios’ latest limited edition flavor, Toasted Coconut. 

The cereal was first spotted by instagram user @fueledbymunchies, who has since deleted the post. However, @foodiewiththebeasts was excited (and resourceful) enough to share it. According to the Cheerios website, the new flavor was inspired by “the delicious nutty flavor of coconut” and aspires to bring the “taste of a tropical vacation right to your breakfast bowl.” Hey, at least it’s a reprieve from all the aggressive pumpkin marketing.

Ok ok ok!! I typically don't share others photos on my feed (I'll find what they showed me and then tag them for credit) but this.. THIS is a major announcement for coconut lovers like me! Thanks @fueledbymunchies for finding TOASTED COCONUT CHERRIOS! Holy yum!!!! @mccauleystare do you see this?!?! #Cereal #Cherrios #GeneralMills #Coconut #Ilysm #LimitedEdition #Breakfast #JunkFood #Candy #Foodography #Food #Instagram #Healthy#Foodstagram#FoodPhotography #Snacks #Eeeeeats #Sweets #Foodie #Candies #FoodPorn #Foodstagram #EastCoastFoodie #FoodieWithTheBeasts

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Like the other naturally inspired new Cheerios flavors, Toasted Coconut Cheerios list whole-grain oats as the first ingredient. To see the complete list of ingredients and nutrition facts, click here. 

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