Tim Hortons Is Turning Its Doughnut Holes Into a Cereal


While America may run on Dunkin’ as the slogan says, Canada clearly has a thing for Tim Hortons. For our neighbors to the north (and those lucky enough to live in one of 12 US states), Tim Hortons is a doughnut mecca, a reputation aided by the existence of Timbits, their spin on doughnut holes. 

In the near future, it looks like you might not have to trek all the way to a Tim Horton’s to start your day with a Timbit fix. Though details are still a bit scarce, all signs are pointing to the launch of a Tim Hortons brand Timbits cereal. Based on box images circulating online via Cerealously, the signature Canadian take on the doughnut hole will be boxed up by Post and hitting store shelves sometime after the new year. 

So far, it looks like they’ll be starting out with two flavors: chocolate glazed, and birthday cake (or gateau de fete for the Quebecois). The former is your standard doughnut hole flavor, while the latter seems like it was (at least initially) launched in 2014 to celebrate Timmy’s 50th birthday. Though there are other Timbits flavors out there, it seems like Tim Hortons is starting here and seeing how well their spin on cereal takes off. 

The sad news so far is that it sounds like this box of breakfast doughnut holes won’t be making it across the border. Cerealously cites that these Timbits cereals are a Canada exclusive not fit for American tastebuds. So if you’re still in touch with that totally real Canadian girlfriend or boyfriend you definitely didn’t make up in 9th grade, have them send you a box. 






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