This Tiny $6 Tool Is the Secret to Actually Sharpening Your Knives

Kitchen IQ Knife Sharpener Amazon

No kitchen is complete without a set of great knives, but even if you have a classic 8-inch Wüsthof and a gorgeous Shun chef's knife, they will never perform at their peak unless properly sharpened. That’s why a good knife sharpener is just as essential as the knives themselves, and one of the best-selling options on Amazon is KitchenIQ’s small but incredibly mighty 2-stage knife sharpener.

While surprisingly low-priced for a sharpener at $6, KitchenIQ’s gadget includes a non-slip base that provides stability and easy control. Its tiny size (it fits in your palm!) makes it ideal for small kitchens, and it even comes with a special edge grip that allows you to angle the knife sharpener on the edge of your kitchen countertop, meaning you can easily pull your knife from tip to heel.

The “coarse” slot on the sharpener is made with carbide blades, which is perfect for sharpening dull or damaged knives. The other slot, marked “fine,” is made with gentle ceramic blades for polishing the tip of your knife or for quickly touching up knives that have already been sharpened. And since the sharpener itself is made from stainless steel, it might just last as long in your kitchen as your sturdy knife.

This tiny knife sharpener has racked up nearly 13,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. “My knives are roughly ten years old and have never been sharpened, so they were very, very dull,” said one reviewer. “I sharpened them with the coarse blades and it worked beautifully.” Another shopper added, “Easy to use, and I like the counter edge holding feature. This sharpening (over a couple of tough love sessions) was able to get all the kinks out of my old blade, and has it back in fairly good condition.”

Pick up one of these little tools to keep your knife sets as sharp as they should be.

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