This Oreo “Gingerbread” House Kit Looks Delicious


For bakers and families alike, there’s perhaps no surer sign of the holiday season’s arrival than the construction of the classic gingerbread house. Between the wintry spice of gingerbread and the idea of warmth and togetherness that the home conveys, it’s a perfect encapsulation of what Christmas is all about. 

The only problem is that gingerbread might not be for everyone. But one thing the entire family can agree is that Oreos are good. So why not just built a whole house out of Oreos instead? Well, I come bearing good news and glad tidings, because the Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie House is indeed real, and spectacular. 

You can create your own cookies and creme winter wonderland through the help of “pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, pre-made icing, OREO Cookies, OREO Mini cookies, fruity gummies and candy jewels,” as the product description reads. Based on that plus the pictures, this darker shade of “gingerbread” house has Oreos everywhere: on the pathway, on the roof, over the door, and there’s even an Oreo snowman thrown in for good measure. This will surely be one holiday crafts/baking project that will require a monastic level of restraint to finish without some bite marks or missing pieces. 

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For Oreo fans, the ability to turn the best cookie to pair with milk into a work of culinary art will no doubt be a welcome holiday treat. That’s sure to tide you over until when the world will welcome both the return of the Most Stuf Oreo either around the holidays or in early 2020, around when we’ll also see International Delights’ truly decadent Oreo iced coffee in a can hit store shelves.

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You can find this Oreo house kit is available from Big Lots, CVS, and presumably at some point from other retailers who haven’t decided to display their Christmas stuff in mid-October. So this year, put away those gingerbread people— this thing is only going to make them jealous. 

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