This Nail Polish Line Smells Just Like Your Favorite Foods


While I can’t say this has applied to me, I’ve heard that one of the stranger parts of quarantine and lockdowns is that it’s created unprecedented interruptions to usual beauty routines. After all, why apply lipstick if your face will be covered with a mask? Why worry about your nails when salons are closed and nobody on zoom can see your hands?

If you were for some reason looking for an excuse to buy new nail polish at a time like this, well, maybe you should opt for something that can be not only seen, but smelled. Seriously.

That’s the story behind Sinful Colors’ Sweet and Salty nail polish collection, a line that incorporates not only the color palette of your favorite foods like pizza, but also their olfactory elements as well.

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Sold at Walmart, the full line features a Cheese Puff orange, midnight black Chocolate Cake, a speckled Cookies and Creme, rainbow sprinkled “Donut Even,” the dough and pepper flake palette of Pizza Party, and the cheesy, spicy blend of Taco Tuesday. The product description describes each “limited edition” shade as offering “yummy and tantalizing effects,” adding that they’re formulated without Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. I imagine that’s what makes this nail polish in particular safe to sniff.

While it definitely doesn’t look like this Sinful Colors line is the world’s first (intentionally) scented nail polish, it may be the one that makes you the hungriest. That’s probably bad news if you’re the kind of person already prone to biting your nails.



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