This Man and His “Peace Bus” Will Be Delivering Cereal to Kids in Need


There’s obviously been a lot of bad news going around the food world these days, what with massive layoffs, closures, and the like. But even in the midst of a crisis, there are people who act selflessly and step up to do the right thing for others in need. And at a time when schools are closing nationwide, it’s good to know that there’s one man with a uniquely-colored van pitching in to help out.

According to King 5 News in Washington, Tacoma resident Kwabi Amoah-Forson has been driving around town in his light blue “Peace Bus,” making deliveries around town to ensure that local kids who won’t have access to school breakfast can still eat. That’s involved door to door deliveries of different cereals to school kids.

Every day for the next six weeks, Amoah-Forson plans to get up at the crack of dawn so he can make deliveries from  6:30 AM to 10 AM to anyone who texts him their name and location. “I haven’t gotten up that early since high school,” he told King 5. “But the need is there.”

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With schools closed in Tacoma, not far from some of the first major U.S. Coronavirus cases, the district plans to provide free breakfast and lunch to its 30,000 students. But Amoah-Forson thinks that he can still play a role in doing more. “What about the kids who can’t make it to these locations?” his GoFundMe page asks. “I want to help distribute cereal to families in need and meet them where they’re at.”

Based on the outpouring of support so far, it looks like the Peace Bus will be able to meet the breakfast needs of many local families. In just one week, it’s raised more than $3,800, well above Amoah-Forson’s initial $1,000 goal. That should certainly buy more cereal than you can fit in a bus at once.

Getting through a time like this will be about sticking together and doing what we can for our community. Hopefully the spirit of lending a helping hand inspired by the Peace Bus travels much further than its driver’s Tacoma delivery route.


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