This Mac and Cheese Sampler Skillet Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


If there was a comfort food hall of fame, macaroni and cheese would be part of its inaugural class. The GOAT of all pastas (yes, it counts as pasta) is a perfect balance of carbs and cheese that is matched maybe only by pizza. I mean, people love it so much that they’re willing to buy mac & cheese powder to just sprinkle on other stuff. The only problem with mac and cheese is that you can’t try out all the many wonderful versions of it at once.

Well, that changes now—at least when you visit a New York City restaurant with an ingenious plan. Mac and cheese-centric restaurant S’MAC serves up an incredible sampler which lets you dabble in many of the different and delightful forms of ooey, gooey pasta that exists on their menu.

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For just $17 each sampler consists of eight of the 12 flavors that make up the S’Mac menu. Specifically, we’re talking about All American, 4 Cheese, Cheeseburger, La Mancha (Spanish Manchego style), spicy Cajun, pizza-inspired Napoletana, Alpine (Swiss and Gruyere), and the creamy Brie-based Parisienne. It’s like a little culinary world tour, complete with all the carbs you’d need to circumnavigate the globe on foot.

The bad news is that this skillet full of magic is only available to dine-in, so you better get to Manhattan if you want to be a part of this eight-way mac and cheese fiesta. That might be a long way away from wherever you are, but if you love this stuff as much as any sensible person should, it sounds like it might just be worth the trip.


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