This Is Not a Drill: Aldi Just Released Ice Cream for Dogs

Life’s ruff for pups sometimes. Day after day, they watch their humans enjoy a diverse array of tasty treats. Meanwhile, they’re stuck snacking on meat-flavored pebbles and, if they’re lucky, expensive gruel.  

That’s why we think it’s pawsitively amazing (sorry) that Aldi is offering ice cream made specifically for dogs.

The grocery store chain announced that Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream will hit shelves later this month, according to Delish. The frozen dog treats will retail for $3 and include four individual tubs. It’ll come in two gluten-free varieties: Original and Cheese & Bac’n.

We’re not sure what exactly the Original flavor tastes like—but if it’s anything like its meaty counterpart, we don’t want to find out.

Unfortunately, as it will be released as an Aldi Find, the frozen product won’t be available furever (again, sorry). Your four-legged friends will just have to enjoy the fleeting summer treat while they can.

Tell Fido not to fret, though! We’ve got instructions for how to make dog-friendly ice cream all year long.

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