‘This is a mistake’ Why you should never store potatoes near apples or onions

Monty Don warns never eat the green part of potatoes

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Potatoes prefer to be stored in a cool dry place, however, the fridge is too cold. This is why many people choose to keep them in kitchen cupboards. However, storing them alongside other common kitchen cupboard vegetables is actually a “mistake” according to experts from WebMB.

They explain that potatoes should never be stored alongside apples or onions.

WebMD said: “Both apples and onions give off ethylene gas, which can cause your potatoes to sprout.”

Ethylene gas is a natural substance which causes fruit to ripen.

Garlic can also give off the gas, so should be kept away from potatoes.

Instead, Web MD recommends keeping your apples in a crisper and potatoes in a separate cabinet.

They said: “Potatoes need to be stored in a dark, cool area to prevent them from spoiling or sprouting.”

Keeping potatoes in a dark place reduces the risk of them rotting. Exposure to light or moisture can bring on rotting in the skin.

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ConsumerReports.org adds that potatoes might be best stored in a paper bag to reduce the risk of sprouting.

This will also allow them plenty of ventilation.

In the event your potatoes do unexpectedly sprout too soon, you may still be able to salvage them.

The experts from ConsumerReports said: “Sprouted potatoes are safe to eat, notes Davison, but you should remove the sprouts themselves using the tip of a vegetable peeler or other tool.


“The potato sprouts are considered toxic due to their potentially high concentration of glycoalkaloids, which can have an effect on the nervous system.”

Onions should be stored in a ventilated space.

Though they are commonly found in cupboards, Consumer Reports actually advises keeping them on your countertop.

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