This Heart-Shaped Cinnabon Box Is the Sweetest Valentine You Can Give


Based on the number of heart-shaped gift boxes available, it’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is about chowing down. The internet’s been abuzz with the return of the doughnut bouquet as well as DIY displays such as the pickle bouquet and our very own Chick-fil-A nugget bouquet.

But hey, food doesn’t have to be on a stick to be appreciated. Sometimes, it’s better if the food is just something everyone loves. Enter, Harry & David’s Cinnabon® MiniBon® Valentine's Day Rolls box.

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“Share a sweet gift this Valentine's Day with an irresistible treat that's sure to melt hearts,” the product description reads. “Made with Makara® Cinnamon wrapped in a smooth, tender dough, nine Cinnabon® MiniBon® Rolls arrive in an adorable heart-shaped package, freshly baked and frosted with signature cream cheese frosting.”

The two-pound box holds nine cinnamon rolls, already glazed in sweet sauce, plus an extra container for extra drizzling or dunking pleasure.

Shipping doesn’t start until February 4, so you can either bite the bullet, order them now, and wait a few weeks for them to arrive, or painstakingly wait until shipping gets in and truly get them overnight. Whatever option you choose, we guarantee this'll smell better than a bouquet of roses.


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