This $20 Mini Cheesecake Pan Is the Simplest Way to Make Bite-Sized Desserts

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While there’s nothing quite like having a giant pie, cheesecake, or brownie in front of you when you’re starving, sometimes, desserts are best enjoyed in small portions. There’s something so satisfying about mini quiches decorated with little herbs, tiny cheesecakes embellished with delicate decorations, or bite-sized brownies topped with a faint dusting of powdered sugar that they’re almost irresistible. 

While many might choose to bake a whole tray of dessert and then cut it up with cookie cutters to create petit fours, there’s a more efficient method: Norpro’s Mini Cheesecake Pan. This nonstick 12-cup pan is perfect for making bite-sized delicacies, and it’s what we’re using for our no-bake mini cheesecakes. 

Each cup in the pan fits a 2-inch sized petit four, and every slot comes with 12 removable disc bottoms that make releasing sticky batters (like those of cheesecakes and mousses) a total breeze. The pan itself is built with stainless steel and comes with a riveted handle that provides an easy grip. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, meaning it’s super simple to clean. 

Shoppers have been raving about how fun it is to bake bite-sized desserts with Norpro’s pan, with one writing, “This was a lifesaver! I had an order for five dozen mini cheesecakes and this made life so much easier.”

Another added, “I often bake cheesecakes in the regular round pans, but when I used this pan, the oohs and ahhs of those who saw the cute cheesecakes made all the difference. The portion of each small cheesecake is just right per serving, so everyone will want to have a piece.”

Norpro’s Mini Cheesecake Pan is available for just $20, and you’ll find it on Amazon and Walmart. There’s a whole world of possibilities to explore with mini desserts, and this pan will make baking incredibly simple. Be prepared to create some tantalizing bite-sized desserts, but beware: It’ll be near-impossible not to pop more than one into your mouth. 

Norpro Nonstick Mini Cheesecake Pan with Handles

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